Introduction of DESIGN WEEK KYOTO

Exposición virtual

Visiting a studio and factory is the best way to witness how wonderful Kyoto's manufacturing is, however, such a wish rarely comes true because studios and factories are usually not places for open interaction. DESIGN WEEK KYOTO is a special opportunity for those who are interested in craftsmanship and manufacturing industries and also for the craftspeople themselves. During the 1-week event period (usually in the end of February), a variety of studios and factories in Kyoto are open where people can communicate with each other and where new ideas and collaborations will be born.


Kyoto, the eternal capital of Japan, has cultivated an array of sophisticated cultural traditions in its long history over the past 1200 years. One of them is the craftsmanship which a number of artisans and craftspeople have striven to adapt and improve over many generations. Kyoto, at the same time, is home to numerous tech companies, designers, artists and academic institutions. It has also long been true, unfortunately, that each industry and field rarely had chance to interact with each other because of the invisible “barrier” between them. This has curbed this city of manufacturing to be truly creative.

DESIGN WEEK KYOTO (DWK) activates an interaction between local manufacturing and creative industries. Since 2016, the events have aimed to offer an experience that fruit new “insights” triggering synergetic innovation in and out of Kyoto beyond industry, culture and country. We hope that DWK can redesign this conventional structure and can form a new community style where people, with different backgrounds, can meet, interact and be creative together across the industry and field. We believe Kyoto can be even more creative through this process