Advocating for women

Exposición virtual

Raising awareness for gender violence through art, and break silence around this matter.


Dora is a Congolese artist living in South Africa/Johannesburg, she uses art to break the silence around issues that touch her such as injustice, issues relating to identity, abused children, giving a voice to the unheard and advocating for women empowerment. She enjoys exploring the theme of women because of their complexity. For the artist, every woman is a living story and it needs a woman’s sensitivity to capture its essence. She believes that her eye for contrast is the common theme running through her work. Be it physical, emotional or spiritual, she searches for connections between opposites; what is lost and found, love and anger, dignity and shame, fragility and strength. By extension, she chooses to express women’s sensitivity and beauty through gender violence and by dramatising stereotypes. Prevost focuses on the challenges that women and children encounter. As such, her sculptures promote universal themes that connect everyone to each other.

Although one can never say there is a typical path to becoming an artist, Prevost believes that her journey certainly took her by surprise. She describes herself as being quite adventurous in her inspiration; she enjoys exploring, working with rough and smooth textures. She mostly works with clay.

Her most successful creative project was a sculpture she completed for the PPC Imaginarium Awards. The sculpture featured four women victims of war crimes, rape, domestic violence, psychological abuse, and child sex trafficking. She interpreted cement as a representation of women’s strength. Its bonding properties as a symbol of their resilience to this horror that is compounded by a largely silent society.

Her work was exhibited at the Design Indaba early this year in February in Cape Town South Africa.


WEB: Dora_lartiste